Translation Agency Profis was established in 2006, in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Profis is the only translation agency in Bosnia and Herzegovina which provides technical translation in more than 10 language combinations.  In cooperation with our European partners, we also offer a much wider range of services

In partnership with university-educated translators throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina and court-appointed interpreters in the Federation of BiH and Republika Srpska, Profis provides professional translation, document editing and web-administration services at very competitive prices.  As for translations, we guarantee professional quality, speed and total confidentiality. We can assess our clients’ needs and advise them on how to organise events requiring one or more interpreters.  At most competitive prices, we provide editing and proofreading services of all sorts of documents provided by our clients.

Since 2006, Profis agency has earned the full confidence of a number of companies, associations, governmental and international organisations in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as in Croatia, Turkey, Sweden, Germany, Austria, Serbia and Slovenia

One aspect which is extremely important to our clients and reflects our professionalism, is that we have recognised the critical importance of integrated translation services, i.e. editing and planning, as well as development of websites and advertising material.  Therefore, we have established partnerships with relevant companies so as to provide our clients with an integrated service.  While translating, we also edit and proofread the original texts provided by our clients, recommend the type of the Internet presentation to make it consistent with the company profile and develop it. We also directly insert the texts into your Internet presentation.  Furthermore, we prepare and print advertising material in a quick and efficient manner, to the full satisfaction of all clients. We save you time and money since we try to understand your business needs.

For your informationPrices of translation services in Bosnia and Herzegovina are the lowest compared to the wider region.  Lack of regulation and self-styled translators have deflated prices for professional translators resulting in poor quality translations in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

However, they have also created very favourable prices for technical translations which is quite unusual considering the current market situation. We hope that soon, and as Bosnia and Herzegovina gets closer to joining the European Union, the profession and the work of translators will get better recognition.