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Written translation

Profis has gained substantial expertise in the following fields:

Economy and Finance


Project Reports

Pharmaceutical industry

Technical Descriptions

Notary and Attorney’s

Corporate Identity

Law and Legislation


These are just a few of the translation/interpretation areas.  Please contact us for any type of translation services. We are confident that we can help.

Translation Efficiency
Translation is our core business and we strive for efficiency.  We endeavour to earn your trust and endorsement.  We have therefore established Profis groups comprising translators, editors and project leaders responsible for translation in a certain language combination.  Each individual group works for a specific client.  Therefore, we provide a quick and professional service which goes beyond the standard quality.  For example, we will review the original text as well, and should we notice any errors, we will advise you accordingly.  This is the reason our clients are often grateful since we help them avoid printing and circulating important documents that may contain errors.

With us, you are in capable and professional hands.

We primarily emphasise herein our services pertaining to German, English and French.

Translation Supervision
Major project managers take due care of meeting timelines, provide translators/interpreters with all necessary information and documents for translation; supervise the translators and editors and carry out quality control of translations. The managers also liaise with the clients, should any terminology need clarification.
Court-appointed Interpreter Translation
Feel free to contact us for translations by court-appointed interpreters. We offer a fast and reliable service of court-appointed interpreters for German, English and French languages, with free delivery as an option.  All official documents and activities performed before public notaries require the translation of a court-appointed interpreter.
Introduction of new technologies
Although the business environment in Bosnia and Herzegovina is still developing, we strive to provide European-standard services at Bosnia and Herzegovinian prices.  We continue to learn and develop as an organisation, and soon hope to provide any interested clients with special software-based translation services.  Based on our evaluation, Wordfast seems to be the best candidate.
Observance of the Code of Professional Conduct
Every person employed by the Profis agency is obliged to follow the Code of Professional Conduct for Interpreters and Translators.
This implies that all information obtained in the course of translation will be treated as strictly confidential.
We will reject any documents that contain illegal information or violate any national or international laws.
Delivery timelines
The timelines for the completion of translation services shall be agreed upon on an individual basis, in accordance with your requirements and our capacities.

We always meet agreed deadlines.

For text translation, the optimal is 7 cards (1 card = 1800 characters) per day. We are grateful to all our regular clients, those who stick to our recommended timeline and those who prefer a speedier yet slightly more expensive service. This has made us true partners through a working relationship based on cooperation and fairness. Even though we believe that for a high quality service it is always best to allow sufficient time, we always put our clients’ needs first.