The Profis Agency was established in 2006 as a provider of translation and proofreading services. Today, we are the first and only agency of this kind in Bosnia and Herzegovina truly dedicated to supreme quality. Our services of written and oral translation, as well as services of certified interpreters, have been verified in line with the European translation norm EN 15038, while our business is run according to the best practice and ISO 9001. In 2013, independent auditors confirmed quality of our business practice, ensuring us that we are a trendsetting agency in Bosnia and Herzegovina when it comes to systematic quality management in translation and proofreading operations. We want to see years of cooperation with our clients who will invest their trust and partnership enabling us to run our business in line with principles of corporate social responsibility.

In late 2013, we established a new unit within our organisation, Profis Live, to provide our clients with services in domain of event marketing, social networking, and other related activities. Our goal is to be recommended by our clients, to grow, and to continue improving our services.