Always committed to quality

In September 2020, Profis Translation Agency went through the regular audit according to the ISO 9001:2015 quality standard and ISO 17100:2015 translation standard, and showed a high level of quality integration in all segments of its operation. Our business processes are in line with the law, we monitor risk assessments for our clients and our internal risks, we invest in constant improvements of our translators, we use CAT tools, and every translation project is carefully monitored and coordinated, and proofread by independent translators and proof-readers.

Since 2013, we have been the only agency in Bosnia and Herzegovina that allows external audits, and we take great pleasure from improving our business. Why is external auditing and certification so important? Well, simple statement on how we keep up with the international standards of quality does not mean much without official expert inspection. In Bosnia and Herzegovina, the land of empty words and fake promises, we consider ourselves brave pioneers in ensuring and maintaining the quality of translation, and establishing of European and international quality standards. We see ourselves as important actors in the field of education of translators and clients, aiming at greater understanding of what translation business actually is.